Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feeling stress on school - example sentence

Stress on School

"I'm stressing out. I have a mid term tomorrow and I haven't studied yet."
"I have a paper due tomorrow and I didn't even read the book. I'm so stressed."
"I always get stressed out during finals week. Even if I study a lot, there are always unexpected questions I don't know about."

"My parents give me so much stress. They expect me to get straight A's all the time."
"I would enjoy school a lot more if my parents didn't put so much pressure on me."
"My dad gave me a beating when I brought home a C on my report card."

"I'm so stressed. I'm taking the CPA exam next week and I'm not confident."
"I've been stressed like this for two weeks now. I'll be happy when this semester is over."
"I took too many classes this semester. I shouldn't have tried to do so much. Now I'm stressing like crazy."

"My English professor is stressing me out. He wants me to help him write his article."
"I'm having a lot of trouble in my political science class. It's stressing me out."

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