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Learning Activities 

Read the following Savings Bank Account rules:

RULE 1: The pass book will show the account number of the depositor, his name and address. It must be presented for all withdrawals other than those by cheque. In case of withdrawals by cheque, the pass book should be presented within a week from the date of withdrawal when deposits and withdrawals will be entered and the pass book immediately handed back. The depositors should examine the entries in the pass book carefully and draw the Bank’s attention to
any errors and omissions that he/she may notice. The Bank will not be responsible for any entries not authenticated under the initials of its authorized officials.

RULE 2: Depositors are requested to keep their pass books in a place of safety. The Bank will not be responsible for any loss or fraudulent withdrawal arising out of the loss of a pass book due to
depositor’s neglect.

RULE 3: The Account holders are required to maintain a minimum balance in their accounts. The applicable amount of minimum balance is displayed on the branch notice board.

pass book : a small book used to officially record the details of deposits, withdrawals, etc.
depositor : one who puts his money in a bank
account : an arrangement with a bank for deposit and withdrawal of money
withdrawal : taking money from one’s account
cheque : a printed form to make paymnents from one’s bank account and/or to withdraw or transfer money
deposit : to put one’s money in a bank fraudulent : deceptive

Task: Answer the follwing questions.

1. What does the pass book contain?
2. Should the pass book be submitted along with the cheque for withdrawal?
3. Why should depositors examine the entries in the pass book?
4. Whose initials should be affixed in the pass book entries?
5. What does RULE 2 say?
6. Where will the SB Account holder find displayed the minimum balance to be maintained?

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