Tuesday, July 13, 2010

English converstion between Sales rep and prospective buyer

Look at the following conversation between a sales representative and a prospective buyer:

Sales rep : Excuse me, Madam. Could I have a few minutes of your time, please? I’m Daniel Robinson, and I represent Crusoe Automatons Ltd. You see, we have launched a robot - Girl Friday. You name the chore and she performs it. Want a glass of water? Just tell her and she’ll get you one.

Buyer : What if I want the floor cleaned?
Sales rep : She’ll do it in a jiffy. She’s a real wonder.
Buyer : How do I operate her?
Sales rep : See this knob. Just turn and switch on this button. Here she goes.
Buyer : What about the power connection?
Sales rep : She operates on battery. Once a week she needs to be charged.
Buyer : She too! Well, what’s the cost of this robot?
Sales rep : Only ten thousand rupees.
Buyer : Only? My! That’s quite expensive.
Sales rep : Think about the time and energy saved, Madam.
Buyer : What other features does the robot have?
Sales rep : Well, she has a remarkable memory. She can store any amount of information. For example you can tell her your shopping list, birthdays, things to do, etc., and she reminds you every now and then.
Buyer : Will she wake me up every morning?
Sales rep : Of course she will. But you don’t have to, because she would do all the chores. You can have your beauty sleep.
Buyer : What’s the warranty period?
Sales rep : Three years.
Buyer : And after sales service?
Sales rep : She wouldn’t need that for a long time. Alter all she’s designed to serve you. Well, in ease of trouble, you can contact this 24 hour help line.
Buyer : Why is she called Girl Friday?
Sales rep : Well, that’s because Friday is her day off.

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