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Teacher and student Dialogue conversation example in English

Here is a sample of a formal dialogue between teacher and student that will assist you in communicating with your teacher.

Formal Dialogue Between Teacher and Student

Student: May I come in sir/ma’am?

Teacher: Yes, what’s the issue?

Student: I was wondering if you can give me some instructions on developing my command over English.

Teacher: Why not? Now, listen carefully. English is a skill-based subject and if you want to get hold of your conversational English, you have to develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Student: And how am I going to do that?

Teacher: Very simple. Try to read more books that contain dialogues, watch news channels and other productive English programs to listen to how they are speaking, talk to your friends and family members in English, write your thoughts, and create dialogues.

Student: Thank you so much for helping me out.

Teacher: You’re welcome.

Conversation in  school Example 2

Teacher : Children,Good morning. Do I hear some noise from the corner? Don’t make so much of noise.

Children : Sorry, Madam.

Teacher : Haven’t you cleaned the board yet? Rani, clean the board.
          (A boy comes late).

Teacher : Try to be on time. Don’t come late.
          (The Headmaster enters the class with a tail man)

Headmaster: Here he is.

Teacher : Good morning doctor. How are you? Let me introduce Dr.Sathya Seelan to you. He has come to talk to you on personal cleanliness. Just sit down and be quiet. Close your books and note books. Listen to him carefully.

Doctor : Those who know me, put up your hands. One...two...twelve hands are up. Oh!  That is nice. Do you keep your hands clean?

Priya : I always wash my hands after playing.

Doctor : Wash them before you eat. Wash them after you’ve been to the toilet.

Sharon : My little brother puts his fingers into his mouth.

Doctor : Yes, babies do that.

Sharon : My mother cuts his nails every week.

Nithya : I brush my teeth every morning.

Doctor : But that’s not enough. Brush your teeth every night also.

Nithya : At night?

Doctor : Yes, at night, before you go to bed.

Preethi : Thank you doctor for your advice.

Swarna : What exercise do you suggest to keep fit? :

Doctor : Exercise? Good. Cycling, jogging and swimming are some of the exercises. Take to some games and play regularly.

How to Communicate Better with Your Teachers 

Are you one of those students who find it difficult to communicate with their teacher because of lack of fluency? Every time you want to ask something, rather than directly ask your teachers, you tell your friends to do it for you, right? Well, speaking English may be hard for beginners, but it's not impossible. All you need is a little practice every now and then and in a few weeks, you'll become skilled at it.

Some students also don't prefer talking to their teachers because they don't want to get embarrassed by their bad English. The truth is that an incorrect sentence structure is better than not saying anything at all. You won't ever learn how to fluently communicate if you don't get the courage to initiate a conversation.

Hence, make sure that from now on, you are going to practice conversational English by creating classroom situations at home. Try to write a dialogue by yourself and practice it loudly at your home, as it can help you gain the confidence to have a formal discussion with your teacher.

Talking to your teachers is entirely opposite to talking to your friends. You can't use casual words or speak in a relaxed manner. Look at these two tips as they can make you a better communicator.

Focus on Fluency

As I have mentioned before, when talking, fluency is better than correctness. It doesn't mean that correct grammar and sentence structure are useless. Surely, even in informal dialogues, you need to have the right sentence structure along with proper grammar, but when you're a beginner and practicing, these things can be avoided until you get the hold of fluency. Also, your perfect sentence-making skills will be useless if you won't be able to apply them during a conversation.

Use Formal Words

Of course, you're talking to your teacher and not your friends. You will need to speak in a more formal way rather than casual. Don't rush and talk to them in this manner, "Hi, I was having trouble with this question. Please help me out." Rather than that, be more formal like this, "Hello ma'am! May I ask you a question?" If your teacher allows you, then go ahead or else ask for an appropriate time for this query.

Example 2 in Writing

Father: Hello Ma'am.

Class Master: Hello, be seated.

Father: I am Raghav's mother. How is he in the class?

Class Master: He is good but too notorious. He always completes his work as soon as possible and then he starts disturbing other kids in the classroom.

Father: Oh, really. Its hard to believe as at home he is completely opposite of it. He is busy in himself only. In last meeting you told me that he does not responses in group but individually he does. What about that? Is their any improvement or not?

Class Master: Earlier, when ever we had any group discussion, he used to be very quite but one to one he was good. But by time he has improved and now he answers and sings rhymes in group also.

Father: Few days back he was complaining that Class Master didn't allowed me to sit me with my friends and was crying for it.

Class Master: Yes, i changed his place. And actually i use to change his place on regular basis as he doesn't listens me at all otherwise. As he becomes comfortable with his companion he stops listening me and is busy with his new friend. Because of this i use to change his place very frequently so that he may listen me.

Father:  Oh, my God. I asked him also that you must have done something wrong, like this only Class Master will not change your place. But he said, no i didn't did anything. Do i need to give him some practice sheets at home?

Class Master : No, not at all. He is good.

Father:  Thank You Ma'am. Bye

Given below is a dialogue between a student who is selected to represent Tamilnadu at the National Level Hockey Tournament at Bhubaneshwar and her school Physical Education Teacher.

Vaishnavi : Excuse me, Ma’am. May I come in? Good Morning Ma’am.

PET : Yes? Goodmorning Vaishnavi. How are you Vaishnavi? How is your practice?

Vaishnavi : There is a slight let up, Ma’am.

PET : What’s the matter, my girl? Why do you look so dull?

Vaishnavi : Ma’am I’m afraid my mother is not very happy about my missing classes for one week. She feels my studies will suffer. I’m confused, Ma’am. What would you advise me to do?

PET : Well… What do you propose to do?

Vaishnavi : Ma’am you know how eager I’m to play in such an important tournament.

PET : In that case, I think you should talk to your subject teachers. Request them to teach in advance what they are going to teach the class during your absence. Ask them if they can teach you, when both of you are free. Then talk it out with your mother. I don’t think your mother will have any objection then.

Vaishnavi : Oh! Thank you Ma’am. I feel greatly relieved. I’m sure the teachers will not say ‘no’ to my request.

conversation in  Library

Student : Can you tell me if our library has a book on Bharathiyar’s Poems?

Librarian : Yes, we have.

Student : Could I borrow it for a few days?

Librarian : Yes, of course. But someone has borrowed it.

Student : Can I borrow it on Friday?

Librarian : Yes.

Student : Can I xerox. a few pages from the book? Could you permit me?

Librarian : By all means.

Student : Could you suggest some more books for refereence?

Librarian : Yes, I will.

conversation between two friends

Vijay : Hello, Vijay! I visited your house yesterday. You weren’t there. Where did you go?

Karthik : I went to see the football match between our school and Brindavan school. I left home very early.

Vijay : How was the match? Was it interesting yesterday?

Karthik : The match started exactly at 5 pm. Our school played well and scored the first goal before half time immediately after, Brindavan School scored the equalizer.Our school scored the winning goal in the last minute and won the match.

Vijay : Oh! When did you reach home?

Karthik : I reached home very late.

Vijay : By the way who won the match last year?

Karthik : Even last year, our school won the match.

conversation in school - Getting into the office room

Gopal : May I come in, sir?

Headmaster : Yes, of course. What do you want?

Gopal : Sir, May I get an application form for scholarship?

Headmaster : We have not yet received them from the office. You may come after a week.

Gopal : But my parents are leaving for Varanasi in two days.

Headmaster : In that case you might try to get it from the office.

Gopal : Thank you, sir.

1. ‘May’ is the expression used in asking for permission.
2. ‘May’ is also used for suggesting probability.
3. ‘Might’ is used for polite suggestion.


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This might be useful but it is obviously written by someone whose native language is not English. I am using it with one of my students but have corrected it to be more authentically [American] English:

Example 2 in Writing

Father: Hello Ma'am.

Teacher Hello, be seated.

Parent: I am William’s mother. How is he in the class?

Teacher: He is a good student but too disruptive. He always completes his work quickly but then he starts disturbing other kids in the classroom.

Parent: Oh, really? At home he is the complete opposite of it. He keeps himself busy. At our last meeting you told me that he does not participate when in a group but he does individually.
Has that improved at all?

Teacher: Earlier, whenever we had any group discussion, he was very quiet but one-to-one he was fine. But he has improved and now he does participate more.

Parent: A few days back he was complaining that you didn't allowed him to sit with his friends. Can you tell me what happened?

Teacher: Yes, I changed his seat. And actually, I use to change his seat on regular basis because he doesn't listen to me otherwise. As he becomes comfortable with his companion he stops listening me and is busy with his new friend. Because of this I use to change his seat frequently so that he can stay focused on me.

Parent: Oh! I asked him if he had done something wrong, because I couldn’t figure out why you wouldn’t let him be with his friends. He told me he didn’t do anything wrong but now I understand. I will talk to him at home about his disruptive behavior.

Teacher : Thank you. He is a great kid but he just gets antsy. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Parent: Thank You, Ma'am.

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