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Commuicative English - Making polite request coversation example


l Other functions

I this unit the primary focus is on ‘Making a polite request’.

The other functions involved are also given in brackets after the relevant
expressions. Here, we incidentally learn one way of greeting and thanking.

1. Good afternoon, Madam. (Greeting)
2. What can I do for you? (Offering to help)
3. May I borrow it? (Asking for permission)
4. Could I borrow the book? (Making a polite request)
5. Thank you. (Thanking)

• Phonology
We need to say words in English with stress that is, giving a little
extra breath force to a particular syllable in a word. We often don’t
stress the correct syllable or we stress the wrong syllable. The words
used in the conversation have to bo said with stress on the right syllable
as marked below.

morning /mO:nIN/ reference /¤ref@r@ns/
information /Inf@·meISn/ animal /{Im@l/
cupboard /kVb@d/ seminar /semInA:/
presentation /pres@n·teISn/ exactly /Ig·z{ktlI/
encyclopaedia /ensaIkl@·pi:dj@/

1. A stranger meets a gentleman in front of a restaurant.

Stranger :I wondered if you could tell me where the post
office is.

Gentleman : That’s not too far from here;

Stranger : Which way should I go. Sir?

Gentleman : Take the road right in front of you.
(giving directions)

Walk for about half a kilometre.

Stranger :Yes, Sir.

Gentleman : You’ll see on your left, the restaurant Anand

Stranger : Oh, I see, Anand Vihar.

Gentleman : The very next building is the post office.

Stranger : OK, thank you Sir.

Gentleman : Welcome.

2. At the stationery shop: A student wants to buy sketch pens.

Student :Have you got sketch pens? (asking for

Shopkeeper:Yes I do.

Student :How many colours are there in a set?

Shopkeeper : Eight.

Student : How much does it cost?

Shopkeeper : Twenty rupees.

Student : Give me one.

Shopkeeper : One you are.
Student : Here’s your money, thanks.
Shopkeeper : welcome.

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