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Comperaing practice in english

Mardi Gras 2000 begins IIT Chennai - Saturday, 12 February , 2000 

Comperes: Radha Ramani & Shiv Narain

Radha : Good evening. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to IIT Chennai Mardi Gras 2000! Well, there is music, a hushed crowd and the lighting of ceremonial flame, but it has nothing to do with the Olympics. Tonight Chennai’s guys and girls have gathered for yet another Mardi Gras for the
year 2000. It is being launched with a distinct Olympic flavour. The one week festival will culminate on 19th February with the famous parade through the streets of IIT campus. In front of a hushed crowd on the steps of the IIT gallery, the flams is it with the reverence of -well - Mardi gras.

Ladies and gentlemen, Shiv Narain and I arc representing our students as comperes in this cultural event. And if you want to announce anything, any time, you just come on right up and let us know,

Shiv : That’s an offer. What are you going to do for the cultural fest? Are you looking forward to those?

Radha: Yeah. We are wrapping up with Pundit Hari Prasad Chaurasia’s flute concert. Hey, I’m going to compete in the ‘Dumb charade’ sessions!

Shiv: And thai would be your best contribution to silence. It’s a new event. Those who wish to take part can register in counter C with Camel alias Kamlesh!

Radha: The Mardi gras festival is estimated to pour more than Rs. 20,000/- into the treasury of the campus. So much for the aside, Ladies and Gentlemen put your hands together to declare the fest open.

Shiv: While it is important for us over the next few days to have fun, relax and simply enjoy ourselves, it is important for us to appreciate that what happens here has an effect elsewhere in our lives.

Radha: Mardi gras is much more than fast food, din music and event trotting. It has a focus on fun, and all your dreams and expectations are sure to feature during the coming days. Get going folks!

Shiv: Go forth and have an unbelievably gorgeous Mardi gras. There is nothing nicer than being a sportive, aggressive participant in February- the month of Mardi gras.

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