Tuesday, August 17, 2010

English Conversation about weather condition

The following is a conversation an meteorological report/weather condition:

Indra : Going by the day’s weather forecast the showers are likely to continue for another couple of days.

Maya : But the fortune teller predicted that I might be left high and dry,

               (At the bus stop)
Stranger 1 : Today’s weather report says, ‘a clear sky’
Stranger 2 : I must dash home and get an umbrella. I’m already late for work.
Stranger 1 : Where do you work?
Stranger 2 : At the weather station.
Stranger 1 : ?!

               (Heard on a clothesline)

Shirt : It’s a windy day. Hope I don’t get blown off.
Blanket : Yesterday, the sweltering heat was unbearable, Today it is a welcome breeze.

weather forecast/ : prediction or estimate of the weather meteorological report conditions
high and dry : left stranded without any resources
weather station : an observation post where weather conditions and meteorological data are
observed and recorded
windy : with strong winds blowing
sweltering : uncomfortably hot

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