Wednesday, August 11, 2010

English Glossary series

flannel /·fl{nl/ : soft loosely- woven woollen cloth
freckled /·f·frekld/ : human face covered with small light brown spots
frigid /·frIdZId/ : extremely cold
gastritis /g{·straItIs/ illness caused by inflammation of the stomach
gauntlets /·gO:ntlIts/ : gloves with flaring cuffs covering the arms
gelid /·dZelId/ : extremely cold
georgette /dZO:·dZet/ : a thin durable slightly crinkled fabric
ghastly /·ga:stlI/ : unpleasant and shocking
gigantic /dZaI·g{ntIk/ : very great size; immense
gossamer /·gQs@m@/ : a very thin, soft, filmy cloth
grumbling /·grVmblIN/ : complaining or protesting in a bad - tempered way
happy-go-lucky /h{pIg@U·lVkI/ : light-hearted, easy-going
haveiock /·h{vlQk/ : cloth cap with flap hanging
down back of neck as sun shield
hiccough /·hIkVp/ : a sudden stopping of breath with a sharp gulping sound
often recurring in short intervals
hideous /·hIdI@s/ : very ugly, frightful
hurricane /·hVrIk@n/ : violent tropical cyclone with strong winds
mbecile /·ImbIsi:l/ : an adult with abnormally low intelligence
impersonator /Im·p@:s@neIt@/ : pretend to be another for
purpose of fraud
inclement /In·klem@nt/ : (of weather) rough, severe, stormy
inquisitive/In·kwIz@tIv/ : curious
insolent/·Ins@l@nt/ : boldly disrespectful in speech and behaviour
jeer /dZI@/ : laugh at, mock at or taunt someone
jittery /·dZIt@rI/ : frightened
jockeyish /·dZQkIjIS/ : like a lean and short man who
rides a race horse
lacerated /·l{s@reItId/ : a tear in the flesh causing a wound / injury
lanky /·l{NkI/ : ungracefully tall and thin
linen /·lInIn/ : cloth made of flax
mackintosh /·m{kIntQS/ : fabric made by cementing layers of
cloth with rubber
maimed/meImd/ : unable to use the injured part of the body which is
damaged irreparably
mellifluously/me·lIflU@slI/ : sounding sweet and smooth
migraine/·mi:greIn/ /·mIg-=·maI-/ : a severe recurring headache
on one side of a head or face
monstrous /·mQnstr@s/ : like a monster in appearance;
large, gigantic and extremely ugly
moron /·mO:rQn/ : a very stupid person; an adult with an average intelligence of
an 8 to 12 year old child

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