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English sentence - How are you and how do you do - when to use

The following two expressions do not mean die same

1. ‘How are you?’ and 2. ‘How do you do?’

1. While speaking to a familiar person, we ask, ‘How are
you?’ and the response will be ‘I am fine’.

2. When a person is introduced to a stranger he/she will say
’How do you do?’ The response is also ‘How do you do?
Other-ways of strangers greeting each other is to say ‘glad’
/’pleased’ /’nice to meet you’.

• When someone is in distress, we say, ‘How sad!’
When someone is sick, we say, ‘Wish you/him speedy

• Between Iriends. saying ‘How are you?’ itself becomes a
form of greeting.


Amit : Ramesh, have you met Mr.Praveen?
Praveen, this is Ramesh, my classmate.
Praveen : Pleased to meet you, Ramesh.
Ramesh : Nice to meet you, Praveen.
Shruthi : I’d like you to meet Miss Sarala. She’s a teacher
at Vidya Nikethan.
Vimala : Pleased to meet you. My name is Vimala.
Sarala : It’s niceiomeet you.
Akhil : Let me introduce my friend Kumar to you
Kumar, meet Mr. Sekar, my business partner.
Kumar : How do you do?
Sekar : How do you do?
Rajni : Have you met Balu before?
Mohamed : I don’t think I have met him.
Rajni : Balu, this is Mohammed, my colleague.
Balu : Pleased to meet you.
Mohammed : Pleased to meet you.

TASK 1: You and your brother meet Mr. Shankar, your father’s
colleague, and his wife while shopping. You introduce
Mr.Shankar to your brother and, he introduces his wife
to you. Write a conversation for this situation and
practise it.

TASK 2: With the help of your teacher identify the functions
dealt with in this unit and write dialogues for each
function. Classify them as formal, informal and

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