Saturday, September 11, 2010

Communication practice in english

Read the following passage:

              When the first Aryan invaders appeared in India it was a vast land of forests, and the new-comers rapidly look advantage of them. These forests afforded them shelter from the fierce heat of the sun and the ravages of tropical storms, pastures for cattle, fuel for sacrificial fire, and materials for building cottages. And the different Aryan clans with their patriarchal heads settled in the different forest tracts which had some special advantage of natural protection, and food and water in plenty.

           Thus in India it was in the forests that our civilisation had its birth. In later days there came a time when these primeval forests gave way to cultivated fields, and wealthy cities sprang on all sides. Mighty kingdoms were established, which had communications with all the great powers of the world. But even in the heyday of its material prosperity the heart of India ever looked back with adoration upon the early ideal of self-realisation, and the dignity of the simple life of the forest hermitage, and drew its best inspiration from the wisdom stored there.


Aryan : relating to a group of people speaking an Indo European language who invaded northern
India in the 2nd Millennium BC
ravages : damages; destruction
clan : a group of close-knit and interrelatede familes
patriarchal head : the male head of a family or tribe
civilisation : a system of human social development
primeval : of the earliest time in history
heyday : the period of greatest success, activity, etc.
hermitage : place of solitude and discipline; place where a sage lives

Answer the following questions :

1. Why did the Aryan invaders take advantage of the forests?
2. Do you agree that, In India it was in the forests that our civilisation had its birth’?
3. Do you think that it is necessary, even amidst material prosperity, to look back on one’s early ideals?
4. Our civilisation has grown from primeval forests to wealthy cities - at what cost?

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