Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cricket commentatery in English - How to speak like commentators

Two friends are imagining themselves to be commentators. Listen to their attempt at a cricket commentary;

Commentator 1: One of sport’s oldest competitions ‘Cricket’ begins its latest round in just a few hours. This morning in Chidambaram stadium, India and Australia will play in the first test of the 2003 test series. Australia have dominated India in recent times, winning the past six series. But, India have
had a great run in recent times, winning difficult series in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. But some say they lookoutclassed against an Australian team fielding arguably their best bowling attack ever. So, do we care? Well of course we do. It’s ‘The Prudential series’.

Commentator 2:
There’s something familiar about the Chennai pitch. Generations of cricket lovers have listened to the broadcast from this pavilion stand.

Commentator 1: And we’ll be talking to you all during the day, the news is it’s sunny at Chidambaram stadium, India are being put into bat by Australia. Chennai is a sporting crowd and that’s why every game is a sell-out a long while before the games are actually staged.

Commentator 2: India are without one of their best batsman, Saurav Ganguly and playing an Australian side with three of the world’s best fast bowlers and some batsmen in punishing form. They’re a terrific team. They played some outstanding cricket where India rather lost their way.

Commentator 1: It’s a short ball. Tendulkar moves back and pulls scarcely past square leg. Up and running, though, from deep fine leg Waugh has no chance as the ball goes under the ropes for another four. That’s four more to Tendulkar taking his score to 17, a typical Master Blaster shot giving the fieldsman no chance of saving a boundary.

Commentator 2: Australian captain Steve Waugh is leaving nothing to chance. Even before the first ball is bowled, Waugh has begun a campaign in the battle against India. He’s a terrific captain. The Aussies are on a mission to win absolutely everything.

Commentator 1: Oh, that was a full toss neatly swept for another four runs. The crowd is getting steadily excited. Umpire David Sheppard seems to make a strong sweep signalling four runs. With that India’s score goes up to 32.

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