Friday, September 3, 2010

How to congatulate others in english - basic conversation

(The Headmaster compliments the head-boy.)

Sundar : May I come in, Sir? (asking for permission)

Headmaster : Yes, please come in.

Sundar : Did you call me, Sir?

Headmaster : Yes Sundar, congratulations! (congratulating) I
called you to compliment you on your wonderful
performance on the Annual Day.

Sundar : Pardon me, Sir, I don’t get you, (request for

Headmaster : I’m talking about the speech that you delivered
on the Annual Day.

Sundar : Thank you, Sir. After all I owe it to the school.

Headmaster : The Chiefguest was immensely pleased with you
and he expressed it to me.

Sundar : I’m pleased to hear that, Sir.

Headmaster : Very well done and keep it up, my boy.

Sundar : Thank you very much, Sir.

· When you don’t hear or understand what the other person
says to you, you may tell him ‘I can’t hear you’. This sounds
rude. So it is better to say ‘Pardon me’/ ‘I beg your pardon’.
• Expressions used for complimenting:
Congrats! (short form of congratulations) Well done! Kudos!
I’m pleased with you!
We are happy with you!

Professor : I heard you topped the class in the exams.
Student : Yes Sir.
Professor : Great! Congratulations!
· · · ·
Hockey Captain : Sir, we have won the football match at the
zonal meet.
Physical Director : Well done! Kudos to the team members.
A : I have got the first prize in the dance competition.
B : Fantastic! I knew you would.
· · · ·
Prabhu : I wonder if you are free this evening.
Rahim : I think I am. Why?
Prabhu : How about joining us for dinner at home?
Rahim : Why not? What’s the occasion?
Prabhu : Don’t you remember it’s my birthday today?
Rahim : Yes! Now I remember. Many happy returns of the

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