Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to express about hobbies in English - Feeling about hobbies

A one-word definition of these activities is “Hobbies”. Hobbies are
also practised as crafts and cover indoor and outdoor activities.
Hobbies are closely related to positive feelings and are expressed
through verbs and phrases like:

1. enjoy : I enjoy trekking
2. love : I love gardening
3. thrilled : I am thrilled about collecting sweet
4. relax : I relax with a book whenever I find
5. interest : I am interested in clay-modelling.
6. pleasure : I derive pleasure in collecting
7. delight : I delight in surfing against the wind.
8. take a fancy to : My friend takes a fancy to collecting
9. set one’s heart upon : I’ve set my heart upon fabric
10. pass one’s leisure time : I pass my leisure time wit
needlework or doll-making.

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