Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to make complain in police station - in English


Mrs. Gayathri : Good morning Inspector! I’d like to report
a missing handbag.

Inspector : Good morning madam. Sit down and give
me the details as to where you lost the
handbag, when you came to know it was
lost and how it can be identified.

Mrs. Gayathri : Sir, I was in the ‘Route 23A’ bus this
morning. As it was the peak hour, the bus
was packed. When the bus reached my
stop at Egmore I had to get down jostling
through the standees with the handbag on
my shoulder and a few files in my arms.
I was pushed along till I reached the
footboard and managed to get down just
as the driver drove off. It was only then I
real sed that my handbag was missing.

Inspector : Please describe your handbag, ma’am?

Mrs. Gayathri : It is a black rectangular leather bag with
a long tabular strap of the same material. It
is of patent leather with a glossy finish. The
bag is about 18" x 12" in size with three
compartments. The centre compartment
has a zip while each of the outer ones is
closed with flaps and brass clasps. In the
centre of the clasps are five red stones in
a ring. In the right hand corner of one side
is stuck a tiny cluster of yellow plastic
flowers with green velvety felt leaves. The
compartment on this side contains my
phone-book, diary, several old bills and
receipts. The compartment on the other
side contains a Revlon Burgundy red
lipstick, a beige face compact, a small
square pocket mirror, a packet of Premier
paper handkerchiefs and a pair of round
sunglasses in its case. In the centre
compartment are my HSBC credit card,
ICICI ATM Card and an SBI Debit-cum-
ATM Card. My office ID card and a copy
of my salary slip are in a zipped pouch
along with Rs. 1500/- in cash of hundred
rupees denomination. There may be other
items like a Cello gripper blue ball-point
pen, some hairclips. toothpicks - I’m not
too sure!

Inspector : OK Ma’am. You have given us a fairly
good description. We’ll do our best to
help you. Just hand in a formal complaint
to the constable who is seated in the next
room and get a copy of the First
Information Report.

Mrs. Gayathri : Thank you. Sir!

Inspector : And don’t forget to leave your phone
number and address for contact.

Mrs. Gayathri : Of course! 1 shan’t forget! Thank you
once again.

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