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Improve telephonic conversation between two friends

A general conversation between two people on the phone starts with basic daily and enquiring names or designations of the caller. This has become the norm of English language communication. As a response, a person who uses English as a second language may become confused.

Tips on holding a conversation on the phone

Presented here are a few guidelines, which can help improve conversation between two people on phone. Let's start off with bits of basic advice that will get you prepared before starting a conversation:

1. Plan ahead. Be sure about what you have to talk about. It's advisable to write down pointers that need to be discussed. By doing so, you will ensure that nothing gets missed during the conversation.

2. Match the tone of the conversation. Pace up if the other person has a tightly packed schedule. Use a warm and indirect approach for those who have ample time to spend on the phone with you.

3. Try to avoid disruptions. Be alone in a silent room where there are fewer distractions.

4. Among the best practices of multinational companies, one is to pick up the phone before three rings. Be active to respond to incoming calls as it can present a fabulous opportunity for you.

5. Make sure that the caller can hear you, so talk with clarity. Do not take silent sips or bites while talking on the phone.

6. If the caller is looking for a person who is not present at the moment, apologize to the caller and ask for information so that the call can be efficiently responded. For example, you can take their name, number, or a message for the intended caller.

7. Be polite in your conversation and tone. Using greeting words, please, sorry and thank you can create a great impression on the other caller.

Example conversation 

Sample of a conversation between two people on the phone

Andy: (Receives the call) Hitech Industries, Andy speaking! How can I be of assistance to you today?

John: Hello! I am John, I want to talk to Megha Singh who's in the HR department.
(Andy transfers the call to Megha)

Megha: Hello! This is Megha, who am I speaking to?

John: How are you doing, Megha? I am John; I used to work at your previous office. I have been trying to reach you for days and luckily, I found your number on LinkedIn.

Megha: I am doing very well. It’s good to hear from you after so long. So, how are things moving up at the contact center?

John: It's been good here, but I am a bit frustrated by the conversation style of our clients. People have lost a sense of telephone etiquettes and would be either so loud to hurt your ears or so low that you can barely understand what they wish to say.

Megha: I admit, these are some of the drawbacks of working in client services, but on the brighter side, we can get good clients too. They are courteous and polite in their conversation. Maybe we can push our team leaders to conduct sessions with our clients, focusing on communication skills.

John: Well, that is a brilliant idea! I will surely put it up in our weekly team meeting. This will sure be beneficial for all of us.

Megha: Yes, it would be great. Take care of yourself, hope to see you soon.

John: I would be glad to see you too. Take care, bye!

The following is a telephonic conversation between two friends Anitha and Geetha. Read on!

Anitha : Hello ! Geetha?

Geetha : Hi Anitha ! You had spoken to me only a little while ago. Now you’re back on the line. What’s up?

Anitha : I need your help Geetha. I just received a call from

Mumbai. My cousins from the U.S are arriving at Chennai by the 11.30 a.m. Air India flight. That’s less than an hour from now.

Geetha : So how do i fit into this information?

Anitha : I need you to receive them at the airport and drop them at my flat, Geetha. I have an important Board Meeting in half an hour and I can’t get away from it. You’ll do me this favour, won’t

Geetha : Hey! How can I receive them when I don’t even know what they look like? Don’t tell me you expect me to stand there with a placard like a tourist guide!

Anitha : Not a bad idea! But jokes apart, let me describe them to you so that you’d be able to recognise them by the description.

Geetha : OK! Shoot! I am all ears!

Anitha : There are four of them - two men and two women. Kannan is the tallest. He is a thirty-year
old six footer with broad shoulders and a ruddy complexion. He sports a heavy moustache and a thick but well trimmed beard, both these being in sharp contrast to his bald pate. He’s got a round face with a short nose and small close-set eyes. He prefers formal wear so, if it is not a suit and tie, he would surely be in a full—sleeved, checked shirt with matching tie, and in leather shoes which match his trousers.

Geetha : OK-How about the rest?

Anitha : Varun is easy to identify in any crowd. He, too, is around thirty years old but he is short, stocky and swarthy. He is clean—shaven but his head is crowned with a thick mop of black hair which is often untidy and unkempt. He is always in polo necked T shirts and shorts when he is in india and sandals are a compulsory accessory to his dress code! He is a cheerful guy and when he
grins, the sparkle of his white teeth competes with the twinkle in his eyes.

Geetha : Are the women too so distinct in their appearance?

Anitha : Divya is Kannan’s sister and she is tall like him. But that ‘s as far as the similarity goes. She is fair- smooth-skinned, slim with long brown shouldcr-lengthhair. Unlike her brother,she is aquiline-nosed and doe-eyed but like him she prefers formal wear whether it is western or ethnic. So she is bound to be in a narrowbordered Kancheepuram Silk Saree or an elegant flannel skirt with a high collared cuff-sleeved satin blouse. Kannan, Varun and Divya are my paternal cousins but Preethi, the last on the list, is a maternal one. She is my mother’s sister’s daughter. She resembles me in many ways. We be in tight jeans, baggy shirt and high-heeled shoes! are of the same age, both of us are of
jockey height, we are thin, wiry-haired, wheat— complexioned, freckled, spectaicled, with beady
eyes and a snub-nose. Without doubt, she will : be in tight jeans, baggy shirt and high - heeled

Geetha : Phew! That’s quite a lot to remember! Perhaps I’ll first look for Preethi, your look-alike, and the real would then easy. OK Anitha. Go ahead with your meeting. I’ll set out for the airport now. I’ll call you up or ‘SMS’ you when we get to the flat. Bye.

Anitha : Thanks a lot Geetha. Bye!

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