Thursday, October 21, 2010

English conversation before operation and glossary

The following is a conversation between an anxious patient and a doctor, before an operation:

Patient : Is the surgery a major one?

Doctor : Yes, it is.
Patient : How long will it take?

Doctor : 1 1/2 ? hours

Patient : Will I be given a local or general anaesthetic?

Doctor : General.
Patient : Will there be any after-effects?

Doctor : Except for weakness and a little nausea,
you'll be fine.

Patient : Will it be painful afterwards ?

Doctor : Yes. But don't worry, you' ll be given

Patient : What will be the cost of the surgery?

Doctor : Rs.75,000/- including post-operative care.

local anaesthetic : a drug that causes loss of feeling in one
part of the body

general anaesthetic : a drug that causes unconsciousness

after-effects : effects that follow the primary action of

post-operative : relating to the period after surgery

heave : produce or let out

whoop : a loud, excited shout

multi-speciality : comprising many branches of medicine

paediatrics : the branch of medicine concerned with
children and their diseases

trauma : emotional shock; physical injury

orthopaedics : the branch of medicine concerned with
the correction of bone and muscle deformities

cardiac : relating to the heart

post-natal : relating to the period after birth

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Rachel Byers said...

My work as a nurse exposes me to this kind of conversation everyday. You learn a lot of new medical terms during the course of this conversation.

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