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Customer and sales person English conversation in automobile shop

How to hold a pleasant telephonic conversation with a salesman

It is quite common to get confused while having a telephonic conversation with a salesman. Whenever you contact a salesperson over the telephone, it implies that you are looking for some information. However, they would only be able to help you out if you present your query in a proper manner. If this is something that you have difficulty with and you fail to put your questions forward clearly, we are going to provide you with some tips that would help you out in this regard. With these tips, you will be able to learn how a telephone conversation between salesman and customer should be conducted.

Tips for a productive conversation between a salesman and a customer

Do not rush into things

Often, when people get the salesperson on the line, they forget everything else and jump straight to their query. This is not the right approach. The first thing that you should do is give them a greeting and then get to the reason for your call. Sometimes, you will be required to wait for a while before you can be connected to a salesman. Do not lose patience and ensure that your tone does not display annoyance at waiting.

Present your query properly

It is advisable to have all your questions ready beforehand so that you do not miss anything. Ask your questions in a simple manner and then hear everything that the salesman has to say. Do not interrupt him and once he has ended his response, you can ask about any doubts that come to your mind. Do not get confused as this would make it difficult for the salesman to understand what you are trying to ask and thus, he would not be able to guide you in a proper manner.

Be courteous

Once you get all your answers, make sure that you thank the salesman for his time and assistance. This is basic manners and should not be omitted while you are making a telephonic conversation. It would also be a good idea to end the phone call with a greeting.

Sample conversation between a salesman and a customer

Here is a sample telephone conversation between salesman and customer which would enable you to understand better how the conversation should proceed.

Salesman: Good afternoon, sir. This is John. Sorry to keep you waiting. How may I be of assistance?

Customer: Hello, John. It's not a problem. I was hoping you could tell me something about the new deals that you are offering on shirts.

Salesman: Most certainly, sir. Right now, we have offered a new deal for New Year's where if you purchase two shirts, you get a T-shirt free. Various discount deals are also being offered.

Customer: Till when are the deals valid?

Salesman: The deals will remain valid until 1st Jan, 2017.

Customer: I see, thank you.

Salesman: Not a problem. Is there anything else you would like to know?

Customer: No, thank you. Hope you have a good day.

Salesman: You're welcome. Have a good day, sir.

Example conversation - 2


The following is a conversation between a prospective buyer of a motor bike and a sales person:

Customer : I am interested in buying a motor bike. Could you please give me the pamphlets of a few
leading bikes in the market?

Sales Person : Most certainly! The latest is the CD 100 LX by Hero Miranda.

Customer : That sounds interesting. This is my friend Harish. He is an automobile engineer. Do you
mind giving him Some technical details?

S.P : I would be glad to do so.

Harish : Would you tell us about the engine and chassis?

S.P : Well, the engine is 97.2cc, four stroke, and horizontal. The chassis is T-bone.

Harish : That’s great! What about Tank capacity and mileage?

S.P : It has a 10 litre tank capacity and the mileage would be 60 km/litre. Further it has a power
of 7.0@8000 (bph/rpm)

Customer : What about the choice of colours?

S.P : Sir, we have black, red and blue. Also we have an introductory offer, the showroom will
take care of the comprehensive insurance for the first year; it’s on the house sir.

Customer : What about the price?

S.P : It will be Rs.43,561/- Sir.

Task 1: Practice the above conversations, taking turns.

Task 2: Prepare a dialogue between an electrical engineer and a user of a washing machine using the hints. The user complains that the automatic washing machine does not rinse thoroughly. The engineer gives the reason and rectifies the fault.

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