Monday, October 11, 2010

English Glossary


Aloha shirt : brightly coloured sports shirt usually short sleeved (Hawaiian)

alpaca /{l·p{k@/ : thin cloth woven from the wool of the South America

amiable /·eImj@bl/ : friendly

angular /·{NgjUl@/ : thin and bony

antique /{·nti:k/ : belonging to ancient times

apprehensive /{prI·hensIv/ : feeling anxiety or fear

argumentative /A:gjU·ment@tIv/ : disputing, controversial

aquiline /{kwIlaIn/ : like an eagle; (here) the nose
is curved like an eagle's beak

azure /{Z@/ : clear blue

babouche /b{·bu:S/ : ornamental, heelless slipper
that originated in the Middle

balmorals /b{l·mQr@ls/ : laced walking shoes

batik /b@·ti:k/ /b{tIk/ : a printed material where
designs are
printed by waxing the parts
that are not to be dyed

bemoan /bI·m@Un/ : grieve or lament

beret/·bereI/ : a flat round cap of felt or

blizzards /·blIz@dz/ : severe snowstorms

blonde/blQnd/ : having golden or pale
coloured hair

blush/blVS/ : become red in the face

blustery /blVst@rI/ : stormy

brocade /br@U·keId/ : a rich cloth with designs of
silver and
gold woven into it

brunette /bru:·net/ : having dark brown hair

brusque /bru:sk/ : rough and abrupt in manner
and speech; curt

bungee-jumping : jumping from a height,
suspended to the end of a
long rope

bustle /bVsl/ : to hurry busily

callous /·k{l@s/ : lacking in pity or mercy,

cashmere /k{S·mI@/ : a soft twilled cloth made from
the wool of goats of Kashmir
and Tibet

casualties /k{ZU@ltIz/ : persons who are killed or
injured in a war or accident

chiffon /·SIfQn/ : lightweight fabric of silk,
nylon, etc.

chinos /·tSIn@z/ : casual trousers of polished

chino cotton (chino - durable
twilled khaki cotton)

clench /klentS/ : close firmly (teeth or fist)

compares /kQmpe@z/ : persons who introduce the
performers in a programme

complexion /k@m·plekSn/ : natural colour and
appearance of the skin of the

conjunctivitis /k@ndZVNktI·vaItIs/ : inflammation of the thin
membrane which covers the

corduroy /kO:d@rOI/ : a coarse fabric of cotton with
the piled velvety surface
ribbed vertically

cringe/krIndZ/ : move back or lower one’s
body in fear

damask /d{m@sk/ : silk or linen material with
designs made visible by the
refection of light

denim /denim/ : coarse sturdy cloth used for
jeans, overalls and uniforms

diffident /·dIfId@nt/ : lacking self confidence, timid,

discourteous /dIs·k@:tj@s/ : impolite, rude

drought/draUt/ : continuous dry weather

dwarfish /·dwO:fIS/ : of a height much smaller than
the normal-size

emaciated /I·meISIeItId/ : made thin and weak

embossed /Im·bQst/ : decorated with a design or
pattern raised above the

enamelled /I·n{mld/ : with a glass coloured opaque
substance fused to the
surface of metals, glass, etc.

ethnic /·eTnIk/ : of a group that has a common
cultural tradition

fastened /·fA:snd/ joined, attached, connected

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