Friday, October 29, 2010

Essay writing in English about - malnutrition - children English

Read the passage on 'Malnutrition ':

A child is considered to be undernourished if it does not receive adequate nutrition (sufficient quantity and quality of food), which may result in the child being constantly hungry. It receives inappropriate food or beverages and is malnourished. The child may be seen as being undersized, having low weight and a sallow complexion, lacking body tone and being lethargic. May be it lacks adequate shelter and lives in housing that is unsafe and unsanitary.

Malnutrition may result in recurrent colds, pneumonia, tuberculosis, sunburn and other persistent skin disorders or rashes. Lack of hygiene may be yet another contributory factor for these health

Task : Answer the following questions:

1. What do you understand by the term malnutrition?
2. Describe a malnourished child.
3. Do you think this condition is common in India? Why?
4. Are malnourished children immune to diseases?
5. What are the other contributory factors for malnutrition?

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