Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glossary about human feeling and symptoms of illness in English

moustache /m@·stA:S/ : hair allowed to grow on the
upper lip

nausea /·nO:sj@/ : feeling of sickness in the
stomach with an impulse to

obese/@U·bi:s/ : very fat

pain-in-the neck : annoying or troublesome

pessimistic /pesI·mIstIk/ : looking on the gloomy or
dark side of things

pleated /pli:tId/ : a flat double fold in the cloth,
of uniform width and pressed
or stitched together

pneumonia /nju:·m@Unj@/ : illness caused by
inflammation of the

pro-active /prO:·{ktIv/ : taking an initiative

psychiatric /saIkI·{trIk/ : pertaining to treatment of
mental disorder

puny /·pju:nI/ : small, weak, underdeveloped

rhuematism /·ru:m@tIz@m/ : disease causing pain, stiffness
and inflammation of joints
and muscles

ruddy /·rVdI/ : fresh healthy colour of the

scanty /sk{ntI/ : barely sufficient, meagre

scowl /skaUl/ : look angry, irritated or sullen

sculpturing /·skVlptSrIN/ : carving figures in stone

serge /·s@:dZ/ : a strong twilled fabric with
diagonal rib made of wool,
silk or rayon

sluggish /·slVgIS/ : slow moving, not lively,

sneer/snI@/ : Laugh or look scornfully to
show contempt

snuffle /snVfl/ : breathe audibly and with

socialise /·s@US@laIz / : to adapt / get along with) /
associate with one another in
a group

spiral / spaI@r@l/ : coiled

squint /skwInt/ : look or peer with eyes partly

swarthy /·swO:DI / : dark or dark skinned

sweltering /·swelt@rIN / : (of heat) extreme and

swirling /·sw@:lIN/ : moving with a twisting motion

tawny /·tO:nI/ : brownish yellow

thrifty /·TrIftI/ : economical

torrential / t@·renSl / : roaring, rushing

torrid /·tQrId/ : intense scorching heat

trekking /trekIN / : journeying especially on foot

turbulent /·t@:bjUl@nt / : full of commotion or wild

tuxtdo /tVk·si:d@U/ : a man’s tail-less semi-formal
jacket for evening wear

unkempt /Vn·kempt / : looking dishevelled or

urleashed /Vn·li:St / : set free from control

wallowing /·wQl@UIN / : indulging oneself

whimpering /wImp@rlN/ : making low whining broken

whining /waInIN/ : making a prolonged high
pitched complaint

wince /wIns / : shrink ur draw back slightly,
usually with a grimace as in

wiry /·waI@rI / : coarse and cu rly (of h air)

wolfish /wUlfIS/ : (here) eating quickly and
greedily like a wolf

wrinkled /·rINkld/ : skin with small folds and lines
mostly due to age.

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