Monday, October 11, 2010

How to write diary in English - For children with example

A page from a school girl's diary

I am fed up with this state of continuous tension and uncertainty.
Every time I work harder at my lessons, there is a tougher paper staring
me in my lace. I do feel challenged but I'm also apprehensive and
when I come out of the hall I am nervous and worried as to whether I
would still be the first in the class.

No dear diary, I 'm not complaining or grumbling nor am I whining
or whimpering, I'm just bemoaning my situation,
I know that I need to pull myself up from this frustration and be
proud of myself. After all I am the best student in the class, ain't I! My
teachers are delighted with my performance, though my classmates are
jealous of me and do not miss a chance to jeer, mock and sneer at me
on the playground, Some of them are so ill-mannered they hurl abuses
at me even in class.

Thank God there are some nice girls in my class! Sunitha is so
sweet. She is calm and relaxed at all times. She is not very smart - just
an average student, but highly talented. Oh! She sings mellifluously and
when she laughs, it sounds like tinkling bells! She is pretty innocent
though not naive. I've heard her talk back to those bullies on a few
Prabha is a reliable friend though sometimes pig-headed in her
opinions. She is quite shrewd and it would really need a very clever
person to trick her! But she's frank and self-assured. She is always
blunt in telling me to my face that I am wallowing in self-pity for no
reason whatsoever. She thinks I am an introvert, perhaps I am, and it's
high time! I changed.

If I am really as bright and intelligent as others think I am, then I
should start looking at the brighter side of life. Yes! What I need is
self-assurance. optimism and acceptance of myself and others around
me! So no more mountains out of mole-hills!

Thank you diary. I knew I could rely on you. I have unleashed
my feelings and in unburdening myself to you, I feel re-assured and
cheerful now. That’s what I like about you dear diary. You help me
find solutions without imposing yourself on me.
I wish Mum and Dad could be like you!

Task 1: In the above passage you find that the
words convey feelings, some of which are negative
and some, positive. Group the words in two columns
in their respective connotation.

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