Thursday, October 21, 2010

Improve spoken Englihs - by answering question - activities

Answer the following questions:
Where will you go if.............?

1. you want to ask for information about the room number of your
neighbour who is admitted to hospital
2. you want to visit your sister and her newborn
3. your younger brother is running a very high temperature and has
lost consciousness. You cannot wait in the queues to see the
doctor. He needs immediate attention.
4. your grandfather is admitted in the Intensive Care Unit
5. it's late evening and you need a cup of coffee. You have been
attending on your sister who is an in-patient, since morning,
6. you need to get your blood tested
7. your friend has broken his arm
8. your grandfather complains of chest pain
9. you have brought an accident victim to hospital
10. you need to buy some medicines
11. you accompany your sister who needs to vaccinate her baby
12. you want to find your aunt, who is ill and has come to hospital.
She has not been admitted.
13. you want to visit your cousin who is expecting a baby and has
been admitted to hospital
14. you have been asked to have your abdomen scanned
15.. your mother is discharged from hospital and you have to settle
the bills

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