Monday, November 15, 2010

automobile glossary in English


wok : a large metal Chinese cooking pot having a
curved base like a bowl and with a wooden

immerse : dip

shock : a sudden and violent jarring blow or impact
caused by electricity

unattended : left without care

disassembling : removing/ disbanding

heat resistant : protected from excessive heat

comply : fulfill

malfunctioning : not working properly

components : mechanical parts

tampering : interfering/ meddling

warranty : service contract

non stick : coated with a substance that prevents food from
sticking to them

dice : cut up/chop

blot : to soak up excess oil by using blotting paper or
some other absorbent material

simmer : to cook (food) gently at or just below the boiling

splattering : splashing of small drops of liquid.

smear : spread

ingredients : a component of a mixture, compound in

braising : the process of cooking (meat, vegetables, etc.,)

by lightly browning in fat and then cooking
slowly in a closed pan with a small amount of

condensation : changing from gas to liquid

hot plate : an electrically heated plate on a cooker

cord : string / cable

EMI : Equated Monthly Instalment (a scheme where
money is paid in parts)

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