Tuesday, November 2, 2010

conversation between BPO personnel in English - example

1. This is a conversation between Mahesh, data entry processing personnel and Arjun, a student of Class XI attempting to write an assignment using MS Word application.

Arjun : Good afternoon sir! I’m Arjun. I am working on an important assignment and I would like to get it done at your Centre.

Mahesh : Fine! Let’s go to Page Set up first. Do you want it in A 4. Letter, Legal or Custom Size?

Arjun : I’ve been asked to do it in A 4.

Mahesh : Is the layout, portrait or landscape?

Arjun : What does that mean?

Mahesh : Well, portrait is the vertical layout, with the page height greater than the width, while landscape is the horizontal layout with the page width greater

Arjun : I think portrait is OK.

Mahesh : Let me set the margins Now, what about the

Arjun : My teacher has suggested that I use Times New
Roman font, size 12.

Mahesh : That’s the standard book form. Can I use bold/
italics wherever necessary for highlighting?

Arjun : Yes, Sir.

Mahesh : Now, we’ 11 have to save

Arjun : (grins) From the mouse nibbling my document?

Mahesh : Is that a trap, naughty boy?

Arjun : Well, Sir Now, how do we save?

Mahesh : We’ll have to go to File and then click on Save. Now give me a name.

Arjun : ‘Std. XI Communicative English’.

Mahesh : Well, that’s done. Now your assignment will be
stored in the computer in that name.

Arjun : Can I have a print-out now?

Mahesh : Yes. Do you need a laser or ink-jet?

Arjun : What’s the difference?

Mahesh : The out-put is faster and more impressive in
laser. And it costs a rupee more.

Arjun : Why is that?

Mahesh : Laser printers are of high quality and they use
laser beams.

Arjun : I’ll go in for laser then.

Mahesh : Here it is.

Arjun : Thank you, Sir. The assignment has given me
some practical experience for the ‘English for
Computers’, section of ‘Communicative

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