Monday, November 22, 2010

Dialogue about beach , island and environment in English

Rose : I read an article, that all least 21 beaches in the islands
of the Great Nicobart in the southernmost part of India,
have vanished.

Lily : What’s the reason?

Rose : Sand mining. His is an unregulated industry in India.
If one has a permit to lift a truck load of sand from a
particular plot, five or even ten truck loads are lifted.

Lily : How does this lead to the disappearance of the

Rose : Sand dunes arc the earth’s stock of sand and they
prevent the erosion of the coast.

Lily : What happens if the beaches vanish?

Rose : The villages on the exist lose their line of defence against
the force of the sea. They break down tidal winds and
safeguard crops and property that lie behind it.

Moreover, these are turtle-nesting beaches. Where
will the turtles go to nest, if the beaches disappear?
They too are vanishing. In a move to prevent this, the
turtle conservation team comprising the Forest
Department Staff and Andaman and Nicobar
Environment team guard the turtles when they are

Lily : Something must be done then. Maybe reducing sand
and cement based construction. Alternatives like timber,
cane and bamboo could be used. We must do something
to conserve the beaches which are crucial to an island

sand mining : excavating/extracting sand from the earth
sand dunes : a mound or ridge of sand formed by the wind,
especially in a sea coast or in a desert
turtle-nesting : beaches where turtles breed (lay their eggs)
beaches and shelter
conservation : preservation or restoration of the natural
environment and wildlife
ecosystem : a biological community of interacting organisms
and their physical environment

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