Monday, November 15, 2010

English glossary - flower chemical process


hybrid : cross breed
genetic : hereditary
succulent : juicy
hedging : fencing
bloom : become a flower
fragrant : scented
foliage : plant life/ shrubbery
insulation : padding/filling
styrofoam : a light expanded polystyrene plastic
Caulk : to stop cracks with a filler
floribunda : a species of rose
shrub : a woody plant, smaller than a tree
aesthetic : relating to pure beauty
integrate : put together
diversity : variety
antiquity : the quality of being ancient/ old
amateur : a person who engages in an activity/ sport as a
pastime rather than professionally or for gain
resistance : capacity to withstand something
rust : a plant disease that causes reddish brown spots
susceptible : at risk/prone
vigorous : full of life
drought : lack of water
premium : in great demand / of high value because of scarcity
spectacular : brilliant
arching : curved like an arch
stance : posture
coarse : rough
tints : shades of colour
propagate : breed

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