Friday, November 19, 2010

Example english conversation - what to study after plus two

Arun : I am going to meet our class master for advice
this evening.

Benny : What is his advice for?

Arun : I need to know what course I should join after
plus two? Do you have any idea of what you want
to become?

Benny : I really have no idea of whal I’ll become in future.

Arun : Shall we meet our class master?

Benny : Oh, sure!
(With the class master)

Arun : I really don’t know what course I can select after
plus two.

Benny : The same is the case with me too, Sir.

Classmaster : You both are already in Science stream, Isup

Arun&Benny: Yes, Sir.

Arun : I am studying Biology, whereas Benny has taken
Computer Science.

Classmaster : By the way, how are you both faring?

Arun : I always stand first in Biology.

Classmaster : Will you get more than 95% in Physics, Chemistry
and Mathematics in the final exam?

Arun : Sir, I have already been getting above90% in all
these and in Biology above 95%.

Classmaster : If you maintain this performance, you will get a
seat in one of the medical colleges.

Arun : Thank you, Sir. I will try my best to score more
marks in the final exam.

Classmaster : How about you Benny?

Benny : Computer Science is my favourite subject, Sir.

Classmaster : That’s fine. How about your marks in Physics,
Chemistry and Maths?

Benny : Not less than 80%

Classmaster : But you have to work hard. You stand a chance
of becoming a Computer Engineer. If you get more
than 90% in Maths, Physics and chemistry you
will get a seat in B.E-I.T at an engineering college.

Benny : From now on, I will work harder.

Classmaster : That’s the spirit. Ok see you later.

Arun&Benny : Bye,Sir.

Classmaster : Bye.

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