Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Improve your resume - Five easy steps

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Résumé

1. Use a bulleted style to make your resume more readerfriendly.
Given that employers screen resumes for between 2.5
and 20 seconds, they will find your resume a lot more readable if
you use bullet points instead of paragraph style. It’s just easier to
read. Proofread carefully. Misspellings and typos are deadly on a

2. Eliminate clutter from your résumé. Several elements can
clutter up your résumé and impede readability:
Unnecessary dates

Parentheses: Jobseekers have a particular tendency to set off
dates of employment with parentheses. It’s easier on the reader
if you just use commas.

Articles: Those little words “a,” “an,” and “the.” Generally
speaking, resumes aren’t written in sentence form, but in
concise phrases that have become accepted shorthand that
employers understand.

3. Make sure your resume has a sharp focus. One way to
sharpen your focus is through an objective statement. Another
way is to add a section called something like “Summary of
Qualifications,” or “Profile.”

4. Be sure the reader will understand all the acronyms and
jargon you use in your résumé. Résumés in the high -tech field
are notorious for these mysterious terms.

5. Bonus tip: Be sure to list locations (city and state) for all
your past employers. It’s résumé protocol to do so, and employers
expect to see that information.

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