Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Writing in english about basic activities in the computer. Improve writing skills


The following are the tips for note-making from the Internet: How
to copy what’s on a webpage into your own word-processing program
(WordPad, Word, Works, and WordPerfect) so that you can save it
on your hard drive?

*  Open your Word processing program (WordPad)
* Give your Word processing document a title - what notes
you’re copying
* Find a website containing information you want. Must know
the http (URL) - (what you type in the address slot of your
browser) - the program that takes you on the Internet
(Navigator, AOL)
* Once you are at the site having the information that you want,
using your mouse, drag it over the text you want to make a
copy of.
* Click on the end of the text with the left mouse button and
drag your mouse over the text you want. The selected text
should turn blue.
* Place your mouse pointer in the blue selected text. Right
click. A menu should pop up.
* Using your left mouse button, click on Copy on this pop up
* Return to your opened word processing program (Word Pad)
by clicking on its button on your Windows taskbar at the
bottom of screen.
* Hit the Enter key a couple of times to give yourself space
from your title.
*  Right click on an empty spot in your Word processor window.
Should see pop up window. Left click on Paste.

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