Saturday, December 11, 2010

Calling ambulance and buying medicine conversation in English



A. Listening

Task: Listen to a doctor’s instructions to patients. The teacher
will read them aloud twice:

(The teacher reads twice)
Answer the following questions:
1. Why should the patient come on Tuesday?
2. What should the patient apply on the abrasions?
3. What diet does the doctor suggest?
4. How should the patient lie down?
5. How many puffs are recommended by the doctor?
6. When should the patient get the test done at the lab?
7. How many capsules should be taken? When?
8. The doctor asks the patient to take … ……….. of syrup.
9. The doctor asks the patient to ……. his head.
10. What should the patient avoid?
11. How many tablets should be taken? When?

B. Speaking

I. Hema’s grandmother who is 80, has slipped and fallen in
the bathroom. Hema is alone at home.

Hema: (on the phone) Hello, is it ‘R U Hale & Hearty’ hospital?
This is an emergency. Please send an ambulance
immediately to 9, 5th Cross, Indira Nagar, Adyar. My
80 yr old grandmother has had a fall. My telephone number
is 24912031.
(The ambulance arrives and takes Hema and her
grandmother to hospital.)
The doctor treats Hema’s grandmother. He asks her to buy
some medicines. Hema goes to the pharmacy. While Hema
awaits her turn, there are others buying medicines.
A : Can I have a strip of paracetamol tablets, a couple of
band-aid strips and a roll of cotton, please?
B : Can I have something for my cold? Something without
sulpha. I’m highly allergic to sulpha.
Hema : Can I have these medicines, please? (hands over
prescription) I also need this injection and a disposable
syringe …. One moment, let me check the expiry dates of
the medicines ….. Could you please put this injection
vial and syringe in a separate pack? ….. How much
should I pay? ….. (pays and takes the medicines)
On her way back, Hema meets her friend Sudha at the lab,
who has come with her mother.
Hema : Hello, Sudha!
Sudha : Hello, Hema! One moment …. (to the lab technician)
The doctor has asked my mother to go in for a blood
test. Here’s the slip. I think she also needs an x-ray.
Where do I go for the x-ray?
Lab T : Please wait a minute ….. (busy with some tests)
Sudha : Sorry, Hema. You see …. I came with my mother. She’s
been running a high temperature for a couple of days.
You seem to have got medicines from the pharmacy.
Hema : Yes. It’s for my grandmother. She had a fall in the
Sudha : How sad! …. Sorry, I think I’ll have to go with my
Hema : It’s alright. See you later.

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