Tuesday, December 21, 2010

conversation - asking to attend party or marriage

1. A : We are going out for dinner on Sunday. How about
joining us?
B : Thanks a lot. I’ll come along.

2. A : We’d be happy if you could attend my son’s marriage
next Monday.
B : That’s very kind of you to invite me, I’d be delighted to

3. A : You’ll enjoy being with us for high tea at the ‘Residency’
day after. Won’t you?
B : I wish I could, but I’m afraid I am away for a conference
that day; but thank you very much.

TASK : Rewrite the following jumbled turns in a dialogue in
the correct order.

B : Good evening! Where are you going?
A : Hello, Good evening.
B : I’d like to very much. Thanks a lot. Where’s it held?
B : Island Grounds? Isn’t it too far away?
A : It’s in the Island Grounds.
A : To the book exhibition. Would you like to join me?
A : So what? We’ll go by a taxi.

Role-play the above dialogue after getting it rewritten in order.

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