Thursday, December 2, 2010

conversation between shop assistant and customer - daily life english

Shop Assistant : Good morning, Madam. It’s aniceday today,
isn’t it?
Customer : Yes, it is. I am a bit early to get my bill, aren’t

Shop Assistant : I Just opened the shop.

Customer : You have got my bill read y, haven’ t you?

Shop Assistant : Yes, it’s ready.

Customer : Then I can pay the bill now, can’t I?

Shop Assistant : Certainly Madam

You’re Mrs. Chandini Sekar, aren’t you?

Customer : Yes, that’s right. I owe you for three weeks,
don’t I?

Shop Assistant : Oh yes, here you are Mrs.Chandini five
hundred and twenty four rupees.

Customer : This bill exceeds five hundred. Oh! My

Shop Assistant : Do you still say the day is nice?

Customer : Come on, don’t tease me. You don’t mind a
cheque, do you?

Shop Assistant : No madam, that will be alright. Thank you.
Customer : Welcome.

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