Tuesday, December 28, 2010

dialogue writed exercise

1. Teacher (announces) : Tomorrow you will take a test in
Student : I beg your pardon, Sir. Is it
Teacher : No, I said hydrostatics.
Student : Thank you, Sir.

2. Jaya : Hey, there was an interesting programme on TV last
night. It was, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’.
(telephone rings)
Reena : Could I ask you to repeat that?
Jaya : ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’.

3. Anil : Hello, Mohamad, you look sad. What’s the
Mohamad : I’m badly in need of money now. Can you help
Anil : Oh sure, how much do you need?
Mohamad : Five thousand rupees.
Anil : Pardon?
Mohamad : I want five thousand rupees; I’ll return it within
a week.
Anil : That’s allright, shall I give you a cheque?
Mohamad : Of course, I’ll encash it tomorrow. Thank you.
Anil : Welcome.

TASK:Write dialogues for the following situations. Let each
person have about four turns in a dialogue.

1. You notice a snake in the backyard. There is no one else in the
house. You seek the help of your neighbour.
2. You want a one-rupee coin to make a telephone call. You
have no change on you.
3. You ask your friend over phone requesting him to book a ticket
for Bangalore.

ACTIVITY: Pair work
Get your dialogues corrected by your teacher and role-play
each dialogue.

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