Sunday, December 26, 2010

English conversation about traffice violation rule

Look at the following conversation:

Raju : Why is the traffic policeman accosting that man on the two-wheeler?

Ranjith : He has crossed the stop line at the signal. He will have to pay a spot fine now.

Raju : A spot fine for crossing the stop line?

Ranjith : That’s it. Any violation of traffic rules warrants a

Raju : What about crossing the speed limit?

Ranjith : Yes, if you exceed the speed limit you will be fined.

Raju : What are the other instances when one will be fined?

Ranjith : If you enter a road marked ‘No Entry’, if you park
your vehicle in a ‘No parking zone’ and if you do
not possess your driving licence, RC Rook, Fuel
Emission Certificate, if you jump the signals, etc.

Raju : What about eve teasers? They should be punished

Ranjith : Yes, a fine will be imposed or they’ll be prosecuted

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