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Explaining the scenrio - giving reason in English - Example usage of "reason, explain"



The quality of life of a villager in India is far inferior to that of
a villager in the West because the people in India do not receive
good education.
Do you agree with the reason for the poor quality of life in



The principal has called Rahim into his chamber to talk to
him about an offer of scholarship to study in Malaysia.

Principal : Don’t you think the scholarship is a great boon
you’ve got. Why do you decline this offer?

Rahim : I do realise the value of the scholarship, sir. But if I
could explain, my mother doesn’t want me to go
Principal : Why?
Rahim : You know, Sir. I am a fatherless boy and I’m the only
son at home. My mother living alone for three years
in my absence! She cannot even think of it.
Principal : Nobody to take care of her?
Rahim : My uncle, my mother’s brother, is already in Dubai.
Principal : Oh, I see. Then you are justified.


Leela and Brinda are friends staying in a college hostel.

Leela : Hi! Good morning! Where were you all the while?
Brinda : I’m very much here.
Leela : But I couldn’t see you at breakfast.
Brinda : Well, I woke up early this morning so that I could go
for a long walk.
Leela : Didn’t you have your breakfast?
Brinda : I did. I was the last person to come out of the dining


The expressions that can be used for giving reasons effectively
are as follows:

Formal Situations

If I could explain ………….
The main reason is that ……………
I believe he’s fully justified in supporting ………..

Informal Situations

The simple reason is that ………..
The point is ………..
Your father has a point in asking you …………
Well, the thing is ………….


A telephone conversation between a father and his son who
is in the hostel.

Father : Hello, Shyam! How are you?
Shyam : I’m fine, Dad. How’s everyone at home?
Father : All are fine. Have you received the DD I sent?
Shyam : I just got it, it’s for Rs. 500/-, Dad.
But I’m afraid I may need another Rs. 500 /-
Father : What? Another Rs. 500 /-? What for?
Shyam : Well, Dad the thing is that the last month mess bill has
gone up to Rs. 850 /-
Father : Has it? OK then. I’ll send a DD for another Rs. 500 /
- in a day or two.
Shyam : Thank you Daddy.
Father : Take care of your health.
Shyam : Yes, Daddy, bye.
Father : See you, bye.

TASK: Choose the appropriate expression to fill in each blank
from the two given in brackets.

Most of the students taking entrance test for medicine want to
become doctors …………… (because / so that) they can earn a
lot of money. The expenditure involved for completing the course
………….. (justifies / satisfies) their motive to earn money.
But 90 % of the doctors want to work only in towns and cities
………….. (because / so that) medical ethics is not imbibed in
them. The ………….. (idea / point) here is that neither the college
nor the parents give importance to ethics.


Pair work: Fill in the blanks in the following dialogues with
appropriate expressions and then role-play them.

1. Raghu : Hari! I didn’t see you in the class yesterday.
You didn’t come to the assembly either.
Where were you?
Hari : I didn’t come to school yesterday………………….
that I was down with viral fever.

2. Ramya : Why do you look dull?
Sowmya : My father has bought me a Scooty ………………
I have got the first rank in the exam.
Ramya : Oh, That’s good news! You should be happy about
Sowmya: But he allows me to drive only around my colony.
I can’t take it on the highway.
Ramya : Sowmi, your father has a …………………. The
traffic on the highways is heavy now-a-days.
You haven’t got enough experience yet.

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