Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Glossary - talking about object apperance


curl : twist/coil
roll : to curl /bend
prevalent : common
drained : water running off or flowing away
organic : natural
compost : manure
shielded : protected
scraps : bits and pieces
pitchfork : long handled fork with two or three long curved
tines for lifting, turning or tossing
aeration tool : tool used to expose circulation of air to purify
weeds : wild plants
sedges : grass-like plants growing on wet ground
havoc : mess /disorder
yield : produce
gnats : insects
peat : brownish deposit of partially decomposed
vegetable matter saturated with water
shovel : spade
prune : clip/trim
biennial : twice a year
galls : an abnormal outgrowth in plant tissue caused
by certain parasitic insects
pathogens : agents that can cause disease

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