Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Improve english by reading newspaper and answer the questions

An you read the day’s newspaper, answer the following questions :

1. In which page wiII you find the column ‘Around Ihe city”? What
does it deal with?

2. What does the column ‘Reporter’s Diary’ generally feature?

3. The wealther forecast covers which neighbouring states?

4. Can you as a reader voice your opinion in the paper? Where all
can your opinion appear?

5. The editorial will generally reflect the policy of the paper. Do you
agree with this statement?

6. Each day ofthe week has a supplement accompanying the main
paper. Name a few.

7. What does the ‘Obituary’ column tell you?

8. A ‘by line’ is the credit given to the reporter or author of the
news item. Do you agree?

9. Would you agree that a dateline will carry both the place of action
and the date?

10. If you need lo know about the city engagement, where would
you look for it?

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