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learn about timings - Fixed time , period of time, relateive time in English


Warm up:

1. What is the time now?
2. When did you last have a meal?
3. How long ago did you learn to write the English alphabet?
4. What did you do during the last holidays?
5. What are your plans for the next holiday?


We most often perceive time as finite and refer all events and
actions either within a duration or period of time, or as a fixed
time or point in time, or even in relation to or proportionate with
another period or point in time.

1) Fixed time:

a) She is celebrating her birthday on Tuesday, the twentieth of
this month.
b) I’ll meet you at lunch-time in the office.
c) India took the last wicket in the nick of time (just at the last
minute) and levelled the series against Australia.

2) Period of time:

a) When important foreign dignitaries visit our country the
security staff keep vigil round-the-clock (at all times of
day and night) till they leave the country.
b) He is always bullying me!
c) We’ve lived here since 1950.

3) Relative time:

a) I’ll wait here until you return.
b) Nowadays it is common to find families continually eating
c) Time and again he has been caught chatting in the class
and each time he promises never again to do so.

Task 1:Read the words given below and find their meanings with
the help of a dictionary:

Fixed time : dawn (daybreak), evening (eventide) dusk, midday,
half-past/quarter to, at the stroke of the hour,
Christmas Eve, anniversary, bi-weekly, monthly,
fortnightly, millennial, 9/11 (with reference to the
attack on the World Trade Centre USA), daily
(occurring each day), everyday.

Period of time: afternoon, eternity, ……-break, age, era,
fortnight, lifelong, fiscal year, summer, decade,
millennium, during, all-day (lasting from
morning to evening), for good (permanently),
Friday, February, epoch, for ages (a long time).
Relative time : after, again, ahead of time (early), old, afterwards
(subsequently), soon, continuous, formerly,
before long, immediate, at the drop of a hat
(promptly), in a wink (at once), eventually
(finally) by-and-by (future) meanwhile, recently
(of late, lately) ancient, whensoever, time being,
timely, therewith, thereafter, thereto fore.

Task 2: Use the following words and phrases in sentences of your
own to bring out the meaning:

a) anniversary b) at the stroke of the hour
c) for the time-being d) life-long
e) throughout f) during
g) by-and-by h) formerly
i) ahead of time j) bedtime
k) recently l) for good

Task 4:Fill in the blanks with words / phrases of time reference:

We woke up ...... in the morning and set out at ........... for a
trek in the woods. We walked for almost an ........... and ...........
reached a little cottage. It looked ........... and uninhabited, but the
door was ajar so we walked in and stayed a ........... exploring the
rooms. ........... some time we decided to leave. At the door stood a
huge bear. Though trembling with fright, we ........... jumped out
through the window and dashed home ........... . ........... we ...........
dared go back to look at the cottage nor have we ever taken that route
on our ........... walks ...........

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