Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preparing project report in English

The following format could be used for project reports:


A project report usually consists of the following:
1. Title
2. Introduction
3. Abstracts/Review of related literature
4. Materials and methods
5. Analysis
6. Results/findings
7. References
8. Appendices

Title Page
The title page provides the name of the project, the names of the
project partners, the date, and any other information your instructor

The introduction presents the subject of the report and acquaints
the reader with the project. Typically, the introduction states the problem
to be solved and explains its purpose and significance. It also provides
whatever background theory, or formulas the reader needs to understand
to solve the problem.

Abstracts/Review of related literature
Previous researches or projects on the subject or parallel areas
are detail with here. It is in the form of abstracts. The title of the research/
project, the researcher, brief methodology and findings are outlined.

Methods and Materials
This section outlines the procedure adopted for the research,
research materials/tools used, sample size, etc. This section is descriptive
List all steps in the correct order. State what you really did and what
actually happened, not what was supposed to happen.

In this section, you must explain, analyse, arid interpret your
results, being especially careful lo explain any errors or problems. This
is probably the single most important part of the report, since it is here
that you show that you understand and can interpret what you have

Results findings
Agate, give you actual results, not what should have happened
Although results are usually presented quantitatively, you should always
introduce each block of information verbally and provide clear and
accurate verbal labels. Draw conclusion from analyses and results
that answer the question, “So what?” Then go on to explain your conclusions.
In this section, you may also make recommendations for improvement.

Some reports require references at the end. Use the correct
format to cite the references. This is also known as the bibliography
section. It is a list containing titles of books/projects/journals with the
name of the author/researcher, date of publication, etc.

Appendices may include raw data, calculations graphs, and other
quantitative materials that were part of the project, but not reported in
any of the above sections.

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