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Essay writing about sports - table tennis, golf, bowling, motor racing, foot ball, cricket

Warm up

A sports activity is always exciting to watch whether it is taking
place on a field, a court or track; in a pool, a rink or in a ring;
whether you are watching it from a gallery, in a stadium or on TV
from your armchair in your home.

You may have seen a game so exciting, but unless you use the
right words and expressions you may not convey what you want
to say.

Note the difference in the following sentences:

1. Harbhajan threw the ball far away from the wicket.
Harbhajan bowled a wide ball.

2. Lara hit the ball with the bat. It rolled towards the edge
of the field and added four runs.

Lara swept the ball to the boundary for a four.

3. At the end of the match both the teams had the same
number of runs.

The match ended in a draw.

Sports journalists and commentators take great care to convey
the emotions in the game as much as to highlight the actions. Here
are a few sample excerpts from sports magazines and newspaper
sections. Note the specific words used in relation to the respective



A series of brilliant forehand topspin returns with emphasis
on backspin serve gave Korean Kim Tea Hoon the upper hand
over Zheng Changgong. Zheng’s lethal forehand drives proved to
be the clinching factor after a see-saw battle saw the scores level
seven times till eight all.


At No: 7, Tiger Woods hit his most spectacular shot of the
day, a wedge out of the rough from 153 yards that sailed over trees
and onto green about 12 feet behind the flag. Woods buried the
putt for birdie to take his first lead, and he went two up at the par
- 5 No:8 wedging his third shot from 150 yards to five feet and
making the putt.


Steffi Graf’s powerful serve and vicious slice back-hand
complemented her booming forehand on grass as she racked up
sevenWimbledon crowns, second only to Martina Navaratilova’s
nine and Helen Will’s eight. She also amassed nine Grand-Slam
on hard courts, five at the U.S Open and four at the Australian
Open making her the only champion, male or female, to win at
least four times at every Slam venue.


The “portslider” as left-handers in bowling parlance are called,
hooked his strikes to a nicety with great regularity and even
exhibited his uncanny knack of clearing the ‘splits’ with
consistency. Hameed in his patent style struck ‘baggers’ (four
strikes in a row) and ‘turkeys’ (three strikes in a row) time and
again and even had six in a row on two occasions.

Michael Schumacher had to resist a fierce wheel - to - wheel
challenge from Montoya going into the first lane and again at the
second bend on the first lap. Despite his victory, Schumacher
admitted he had a panic situation when he emerged from the pitlane
after his second stop believing that Williams of Montoya
had somehow got ahead of him.

Colombia reserve-forward Edixa Perea scored in the 89th
minute on a looping header which sneaked over the outstretched
area of Bolivia goal-keeper Leonardo Fernandez. In the first half,
Fernandez easily handed a free-kick by Abel Aquilas in the 37th
minute in the Colombian’s best goal- scoring opportunity.

Finally, it was Virenda Sehwag’s off-spin that fetched India
the break-through with Youhana’s aggressive intent only resulting
in the catch being taken at long-off by substitute Irfan Pathan.
Then Inzamam after completing a marvellous hundred, was caught
at the wicket off left-arm spinner Murali Karthik who was
otherwise expensive ......
... The Indian batting had taken wings earlier in the day and
Rahul Dravid’s effort was a classic piece of batsmanship. He
essayed some delectable strokes with a lovely cover-drive off
Shoaib Akthar standing out .........
..........Fleming batted beautifully, mixing slam-bang drives
through the off-side with lofted shots into the leg-side and delicate
nudges and cuts past the slip.

The initial movements were restricted to some tentative
measures. The players kept changing positions cleverly but failed
to make inroads. The Indians had the trusted Viren Rasquinha
manning the defence .... even as Pakistan probed on the right
flank the Indians failed to exploit the left.... William Xalxo came
up with a few superb tackles... Prabodh Tirkey was guilty of
conceding the second penalty corner with a poor tackle. Pakistan
capitalised on that error to take the lead in the 25th minute when
Sohail Abbas’ drive was blocked and the rebound was slotted in
by Ghazanfar Ali...... Arjun Halappa improved to lend substance
to the forward line but a goal remained elusive until Ignace got a
lucky deflection in a crowded goal - mouth, off a free hit.

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