Saturday, December 4, 2010

Usage of - May i help you - shop keeper - Daily English

1. Shopkeeper : May I help you, Sir?

Ravi : I’m looking for a pair of black cotton trousers.
Shopkeeper : Here’s one, Sir.
Ravi : Do you mind if I try this on me?
Shopkeeper : No, not at all.
Ravi : Thank you (after trying). It’s quite all right
for me. I’ll take this.

2. Teacher : Sir, class XII students want to go for a picnic
to Malampuzha. Would it be all right if I take
them this week end?

Headmaster : How about their revision test?
Are they through with it?
Teacher : Yes sir, they are.
Headmaster : In that case, I think you can go ahead.
Teacher : May I take the Zoology teacher with us?
Headmaster : I’m afraid we couldn’t allow. For twenty
students only one teacher can accompany.
Teacher : It’s all right, Sir. I’ll manage.

TASKS: Fill in each blank with the appropriate expression.

1. Assistant : I wonder if I could possibly go on leave
Officer : …………………….. (grants permission)

2. Two Friends
Akila : ……………….. (asks for permission to
use Nikita’s Scooty the next day)
Nikita : I don’t think it’s possible because I need to
go to the public library tomorrow.

3. On the train
Passenger : …………(asks permission to exchange
Ticket collector: ……………(grants permission)

After getting your answers checked with the teacher, roleplay
the dialogue.

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