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conversation as group - improve spoken English activites

Task 1: Divide into two groups and quiz each other on the terms
given above.

Read the following sentences:

1. Volleyball is a team sport played by two teams of six players
each on a playing court divided by a net.
2. Baseball is a game between two teams of nine players each,
under the direction of a manager played in an enclosed field
under the jurisdiction of one or more umpires.
3. Archery is a sport where an archer aims with a bow and
arrow or darts at a target area marked with scoring values.

Task 2: a) Attempt a broad definition of the games/sports given
in the table above.

Read the following questions and answers:

1. Q. What do you call a person who uses the bow?
A. An archer

2. Q. What do you call a person who rides a race horse?
A. A jockey

3. Q. What do you call a person who is a trained expert in
physical exercise ?

A. A gymnast

4. Q. What do you call the sport where a person throws a long
pole across a horizontal distance?
A. Javelin

5. Q. What do you call the race where you run through fields,
across hills, etc., rather than on roads and tracks?
A. Cross - country race

b) Match the following with the words given below:

1. an expert who trains others in mastering a game
2. a person who competes in sports events like running, jumping,
discus, shot-put, etc.
3. a person who competes in short - distance (100 m) running
4. a person who carries the golf clubs for the golfer on the green
5. a person who narrates on TV or radio the action taking place
during a game
6. a person who leaps over a horizontal pole with the help of a
vertical pole
7. a race across approximately forty two kilometres
8. the player who is due to strike the ball first in a rally in Table
Tennis, Tennis, Badminton, etc.
9. a stage in a game of boxing, wrestling, golf, cards, etc.
10. one whose performance is the best ever reached, especially in

Task 3: (a) Given below is a list of events classified under
athletics. Gather information from newspapers,
sports magazines, encyclopaedia, Internet, etc.,
and describe the events to the class:

a) Hurdles b) Pentathlon c) Steeplechase
d) Javelin throw e) Relay f) Marathon
g) Triple jump h) Putting the shot i) polevault
j) Hammer throw

(b) Identify the sports or games in which the following
words are used and give their meaning:

1. lanes 2. penalty 3. advantage
4. pitcher 5. googly 6. tie-breaker
7. equestrian 8. pit 9. dribble
10.baton 11.butterfly stroke
13.checkmate 14.right footer 15.duelling targets

Task 4: The following are statements made in association with
certain sports/games. Identify them with the help of
the italicised cues.

1. I must get the oars ready for the regatta next week.
2. The spectators in the stadium grabbed the stumps when the
last wicket fell.
3. Her team was disqualified for dropping the baton.
4. She clinched the Gold in the Olympics through her perfect
ten on the pommel horse and parallel bars.
5. He is good in free style but must improve his mark in 100m
6. Oh! it’s a deuce again!
7. I prefer Indian to Greco - Roman or Sumo.
8. I took the last basket on a rebound and that made us qualify
for the Finals.
9. He scored the winner with a free kick from outside the penalty
10. He used his knight to capture the black queen and declared
checkmate with the white rook and queen in positioned.

Task 5: You have heard these words often in relation to sports
competitions. Refer to sports magazines and
newspapers and name as many events/games/sports
associated with them.

e.g: The Davis Cup - Tennis
The Sharjah Cup - Cricket
The Packer Series - Cricket
The Paralympics - Track & Field events for the
1. League 2. Games 3. Cup
4. Regatta 5. Tournament 6. Open
7. Test Match/ Match 8. Series 9.Olympics
10. Grand Prix

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