Saturday, January 15, 2011

descriping things around us - introduction


You had experienced the thrill of observing people and things
around you and enjoyed the ability of describing them with choice
words and expressions during your course.

By now it must be an almost second-nature skill in you to
spontaneously describe the weather, your friends, their character
and attitudes, and you might have made more friends now through
your conversational skills when you enquired after someone’s
health or discussed one’s choice in clothes and hobbies.
This year you will widen your circle of friends and impress
your acquaintances, and may be even strangers, with the added
ability of discussing topics of social interest like games and sports,
art and literature, theatre and cinema. You will talk knowledgeably
on road safety and rules and on media, and if you need to make
enquiries you would confidently approach information desks
whether it be an employment exchange, higher education
information centre, or even hotel reception or railway/airport
booking office. You will be able to express yourself clearly on the
phone and you will use the right words and expressions with reference
to time.

After all communication is the art of connecting and efficient
connection is the pathway to success.

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