Monday, January 3, 2011

English word related to occupation - questions and roleplay to improve english

Task 1: The following are words pertaining to occupations:

Job - regularly paid position, post or occupation
Profession - a paid occupation that requires advanced education
and training

Career - profession or occupation with opportunities for
advancement or promotions

Task 2: Role Play

1. Gather information on the following occupations.
2. Imagine you are working in one of these and address the class
about yourself and your job. You may use some of the words/
phrases underlined in the reading passage with reference to

a) the hours of work
b) the responsibilities of the work
c) the promotion / growth opportunities
d) the retirement benefits
e) perquisites

1. Radiographer 2. Front Office Executive
3. Security Officer 4. Telephone Operator
5. Nursing Staff 6. Admiral
7. Copy-writer 8. Chemist
9. Physician 10. Ecologist
11. Free-lancer 12. Technician

Task 3: Put the following questions to a neighbour, a family friend,
your parents and your teacher and record their responses.
The meaning of the words / phrases have been given in
brackets for your benefit:

1. What is your occupation?
2. Do you have job satisfaction in your work place (A feeling that
your job is worth doing and refreshes you)?
3. Do you get regular salary increments (increase in pay)?
4. Does you job require you to work hard or to get better qualified
academically to keep you climbing the ladder (to get promotions)?
5. Would you reach a glass ceiling in this post (reach a level where
you cannot get further promotion even if you deserve it)?
6. What is your holiday entitlement (number of days you have a
right to take leave)?
Discuss the findings in the class.

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