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Example telephone conversation - Tips for succesful telephone conversation


Warm up:

1. How often do you use the phone in a day?
2. Do you make more calls or receive?
3. On an average, how long do you speak on a call?


Kumar : (Picks up the receiver of ringing phone) Hello! This is phone number 25832411. This is Kumar here.

Rajini : Hello! I’m Rajini. May I speak to Radha please?

Kumar : Just a minute. Kindly be on the line.

Radha : Hi Rajini! How are you? Where were you all these days?

Everytime I called your landline, the answering voice from the exchange said that your number did not exist!

Rajini : I’ve changed my residence. I now stay at Annanagar and my phone number is 26154848. I couldn’t call you because I had taken up a new job - a telephone operator in a company in Annanagar.

Radha : How do you like your job?

Rajini : It’s interesting but I find most people don’t know how to talk on a phone. They yell into the receiver loud enough to shatter my eardrums! They don’t introduce themselves either.

Radha : Why should they?

Rajini : Radha, it is an office. Someone I don’t know by voice may ring up for a person who is not present in the office. I must either convey a message or atleast inform him who had called. The caller will just bang down the receiver before I can complete my enquiry for a name or message.

Radha : I can well imagine your plight! Banging down the receiver without a ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ speaks poorly of one’s behaviour. I’ve often experienced it myself. The phone will ring in the middle of the night, and when I pick up the receiver, the caller will ask for some unknown person. Before I can complete my answer that there is no such person here, the caller will disconnect without
so much as a ‘sorry’ for disturbing my sleep!

Rajini : I think we should start a short Summer Course on “Telephone Etiquette”.

Radha : Yes, we should! Let’s do it. We’ll plan it! Summer hols is still far away!

Rajini : When do I get to meet you again?

Radha : Will you be free on Sunday?

Rajini : Yes, I’ll call you up and fix the time, Ok? Bye for now.

 Radha : Bye!

In the above conversation the following etiquette of manners are revealed:

1. When you pick up the receiver, mention your name and / or the phone number. Do not say “Hello” only.

2. If the caller wants to talk to someone at the same place, ask him politely to hold the line while you call him to the phone.

3. Do not talk loudly on the phone.

4. Do not talk too long on the phone. You may be preventing an urgent call coming in.

5. Do not make calls at odd hours (too early or too late) unless it is an emergency.

6. Apologize for wrong numbers and late calls.

Tips for succesful telephone conversation

Here are a few more tips on telephone etiquette and courtesies which will help the person you are talking with to form a good opinion of you and your efficiency in telephonic conversation.

a. When making a call, always plan what you want to speak about so that you save time and show confidence through having prepared yourself.

b. Suit your style to that of the person you are talking to. Busy people would like you to be brief and direct without unnecessary conversation and drawl in your tone. Others may want a more sociable and easy flow of conversation.

c. When you are the caller, avoid talking to anyone else in the room while you are on the phone - unless it is directly related to the phone conversation.

d. Respond to a ringing phone immediately. It could be an important call. Besides you will appear slack and inefficient if you let your phone ring too long and cause annoyance at the other end.

e. Talk clearly into the phone. Avoid talking while eating.

f. Take messages for members of the family / office who are not available to answer their calls and make sure you note the name of the caller, his/her phone number and the time of the call.

g. End the call politely thanking the caller / receiver and assuring a return call if required.

Here is some example for Telephone conversation

The telephone conversation.

Naveen : Hello, I am Naveen calling from Tirunagar. Is it the SPCA?

Voice : Yes, what can I do for you?

Naveen : I’ve already informed you about the stray dogs in my neighbourhood. I’m afraid I’ve got a complaint to make.

Voice : What’s it?

Naveen : I’m sorry to say this, but these dogs are stoned and ill-treated by some children of our neighbourhood.

Voice : Could you tell me where you live?

Naveen : I live in Bharathi Street, Tirunagar, Madurai. Could you please come and take them away immediately?

Voice : Definitely. We’ll come in an hour.

Naveen : Thank you!

(It is a telephone conversation between Ramya and the receptionist at the youth hostel, Pitchavaram.)

Ramya : Hello, I’d like to visit Pitchavaram on 15th August.

Receptionist : Would you like to have accommodation here?

Ramya : Yes.

Receptionist : Would you like a single room or a double room to be booked?

Ramya : I would rather have a double room booked. I would like to stay for two days. I would like to go boating in the lake in the mangrove forest there.

Receptionist : Which would you prefer, a rowing boat or a mechanised one?

Ramya : I’d prefer a rowing boat.

Receptionist : That’s fine. We’d arrange for the room and for boating.


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