Monday, January 10, 2011

General English Glossary

acoustics : the way in which the structural characteristics
of a building or room affect the qualities of
musical or spoken sound that is heard in it
cityscape : a large scene of a city
choir : organised group of singers
check in : register as a guest in a hotel or as a passenger
on a plane
clinch : confirm or settle something finally
collision : crash
cruise : aircraft travelling at moderate speed efficiently
using fuel
dissertation : a long essay on a particular subject
diversion : alternative route for use by traffic when the
usual road is temporarily closed
dribbling : moving the ball forward with repeated slight
embezzlement : instance of using money in one’s care in a
wrong way to benefit one’s self
emission : sending out or giving
en route : French for ‘from ….. to ……’
equestrian : of horse riding
gallery : room or building for showing works of art
googly : ball bowled as if to turn in a particular
direction after bouncing that actually turns the
other way
Grand Prix : any of the series of races for the international
motor-racing championships
histrionic : of acting or the theatre
hurdles : race in which there are a series of upright
frames to be jumped over
lethal : causing or able to cause death
lounge : waiting room in the airport
mesmerised : hold the attention of someone completely
miniature : very small detailed picture
mural : painting done on a wall
nuance : subtle difference in meaning, colour, feeling,
obituary : a printed notice of a person’s death
orchestra : a group of people playing various musical
instruments together
origami : a Japanese art of folding paper in various forms
ovation : great applause or cheering to express welcome
or approval
papier-mâché : moulded paper pulp used for making various
penalty : disadvantage imposed on a player for breaking
a rule
pentathlon : athletic contest in which each player takes part
in five events
perquisite : perks; money/facilities given in addition to pay
pommel horse : one of the various types of apparatus used by
the gymnast for physical exercises
portfolio : a record of achievements and positions held
porthole : window-like structure in the side of a ship or
rapt : spell-bound; so intent or absorbed
regatta : sporting event of faces held between rowing
boats or yachts
resonant : a sound continuing to echo or vibrate
rink : area of natural or artificial ice for ice skating
runway : prepared surface along which aircraft take off
or land
saga : long story of heroic deeds
schedule : planned programme or event
symphony : long musical composition for a large orchestra
usually in three or four parts
tabloid : a popular newspaper with pages half the size
of regular newspapers
taxiing : aircraft moving along on the ground on its own
power before or after flying
veteran : person with much or long experience
via : by way of; through
vigil : keep watch

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