Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Glossary about consumer market


consumer : one who buys goods or services for one’s
own use

conform : adhere

consumer activists : those who work for the rights of

quality certification : stating officially that something conforms
to standards

authentication : being true or real

spurious products : goods that are false and not what they
appear to be

flood the market : available for sale in large numbers

gullible consumer : a buyer who is easily deceived
easy on the purse : cheap

multinational : (of a business) functioning in several

MNC : Multinational company

replica : look-alike; that which resembles the

bar-coded : marked with a small rectangle of thick and
thin black lines, printed on food wrappers,
book covers, etc., allowing a computer to
read information about the item, such as
price, etc.

glossier : brighter with more shine
mandatory : compulsory

brand name : the name by which a particular product is

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