Monday, January 24, 2011

Hints developing from headlines to sentence - activities to improve English

Task 3: Given below are headlines. Expand them into full
sentences using the meaning of the underlined word
given in brackets:

e.g. Government cuts tax on import (reduces)
The government has reduced the taxes on imported goods.

1. Water scarcity hits farmers (affects badly)
2. Key witness in murder case escapes (very important)
3. NGO backs new policy (supports)
4. Exnora’s new bid to clear city garbage (attempt)
5. Madhavan to quit movies (to leave a job)
6. Row over telecast of film (argument or quarrel)
7. US Summit talks begin at Camp David (discussion)
8. Australia pulls out of Champion Trophy (not participate)
9. Crackdown on Terrorism - Airport security tightened (restrict
10. Wipro’s move to create more jobs (steps towards a desired

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