Thursday, January 27, 2011

how to write the review of CD - example in English - beautiful sunday

For a ‘Beautiful Sunday’

Virgin Record (India) Pvt. Ltd., has released an album,
‘Beautiful Sunday’, a collection of 21 numbers such as “Chirpy
chirpy Cheep”, “Walking back to Happiness” and “Sugar, Sugar”.
It also includes the evergreen classic, “Those were the Days” by
Mary Hopkins and the old favourite, “Goodness Gracious Me” by
Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren. Classified under the genre Classic
Pop/Rock, the album is available in the form of CD (Rs.199/-)
and Cassette (Rs.100/-) For details dial: 9840352528

1. What is the above information about?
2. What is the difference between a ‘CD’ and a ‘Cassette’?
3. Look at the following words used in the passage: released,
numbers, evergreen

These words commonly mean:

released - set free
numbers - a symbol or word indicating a quantity of units;
evergreen - a shrub or tree having green leaves throughout
the year

Can you guess the meanings of the words in the context of
the above passage? See how they differ from the meanings given

The following is an excerpt from ‘Transcending Time and
Space,’ an article by columnist Gowri Ramnarayan published
in ‘The Hindu Folio’.

The year 1988, the place Rachmaninoff Hall, Moscow. M.S.
Subbulakshmi sings a resonant Kalyani, with the nuanced depth
that would move a diehard Mylapore Connoisseur. But the packed
hall of Russian listeners, some of them experts in western music
as performers, scholars and students are mesmerised by the vocal

To most of them, this is the first exposure to Indian, and
certainly Carnatic Music. During a pause, a woman comes up to
the stage to offer flowers, with tears/spilling down her cheeks.
There is rapt silence for the two hours of the recital. Then a roar
of thunder, the standing ovation continues, the applauding listeners
follow the artiste as she makes her way out of the hall, down the
staircase and into the car on the street...

The underlined words in the excerpt clearly convey the quality
of the response from the listeners. This is an example of the power
of vocabulary and the register of language.

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