Monday, January 10, 2011

what is medical transcription - writing skills and listening skill required.

D. Writing

Medical transcription is a field that has been providing plenty
of job opportunities, in the recent past, next only to the BPOs and
Call Centres. In order to transcribe what is heard, one should have
a good command of English, be familiar with various accents and
be familiar with scientific terminology.

Task: Your teacher will read a discharge report. Attempt
transcribing it. Listen very carefully. Use your own short
hand, if necessary, as you write while she/he reads, and
develop it later. (Those of you familiar with computer/
possess typing skills, could try this out in the computer
(The teacher reads)

E. Vocabulary

Task: In all the following words there are two blanks. Both are
the same letter. Find the letter and complete the word. Clues are
given in brackets. After completing the words, refer to a
dictionary for their meanings:
ampu _ a _ e (sever - limb) _ nc _ logy (cancer)
_ an _ rene (diabetic - foot) co _ vulsio _ (fits)
path _ l _ gy (disease - study) m _ lign _ nt (bad growth)
_ teroid _ (substances - chemical)

F. Extensive Reading


At first you say, if I lie here, eyes closed, not moving at all, it will go away. Surely I can beat it.
It’s only a twinge of headache. It laughs. Showing only a tawny tail the beast awaits, making you think, hopeful, of aspros, codeins and cool drinks.Then smiling slowly it shows itself.
Placing its paws carefully about your temple begins to press. You rage and pretend you’re dead.
But it’s clever, goes on – until, tears streaming from pain-destroyed face, mouthing long, inarticulate screams your body heaves up its very guts and you lie reduced to sweat-drenched, shivering, whimpering lump of agony, smelling of sickness and vomit, humiliation.Dizzily dragging yourself on pulpy haunches you collapse on the white tiles below the basin, half-blind with pain – it is the only reality. What help now? Not love, not medicine, not gods and ancestors. None.Only your total humility and surrenderto this fact of pain.
It will retreat in the night for a month or two, You can resume human disguise till its next advent and masquerade as person, sane, intelligent,loved and desirable. Till the next time then.
- Gauri Deshpande

1. How has the poet dealt with physical pain?
2. What is the figure of speech used in the poem – Simile,
metaphor or personification?
3. What does the poet mean by, “Not love, not medicine, not
gods and ancestors. None.”?
4. What is meant by, “Till the next time then”?

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